Thank you for considering donating to help us maintain our project. We only collect Patreon subscriptions to fund our various costs for hosting our servers. Below is a detailed breakdown of our current costs and what we are asking for assistance with. But please don't be concerned, even without your contribution we won't have any difficulty maintaining our services. Please only contribute if it is comfortable for you to do so.

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Note: Patreon provides the account holder the registered name and email. Be advised.

If you would like a Discord role in recognition of your contribution, please reach out to the directors or message us through Patreon.


  • Domain name registration - $42 per year ($3.50 per month)
  • Digital Ocean Hosting - $10 per month
  • Digital Ocean Storage - $10.20 per month
  • Cloudflare costs - $10 per month
  • Api hosting - $4.17 per month

Total Costs per Month: $37.87

Patreon Fees:

  • Payment processor fees - ($5 * 2.9%) + $0.30 = $0.445
  • Platform fees - 5%
  • Transfer fees - 1%

Number of Subscriptions required for full coverage: 9