It all started when the 2.36.0 app update was released to the app store. We were excited to see what hints about upcoming features were coming in association with FGO 6th Anniversary. We got a pretty clear picture of all of the features they were going to announce so decided to hold some of it back. However there was another small detail which we noticed. Changes associated with LostBelt 6.3 were also in there. That in itself is fine, but then the data update arrived.

When the data for the anniversary was updated, Neo from immediately noticed something wrong. All asset files associated with LB6.3 were included. People normally wouldn't see these files even when accessing our DB because none of the quests, enemies, servants, skills, etc., were in the game. However, the actual assets were just sitting there.

Some might not correctly grasp the scale of this mistake. The assets included every dialog, sprite, background, audio, movie, attack animation, and noble phantasm animation associated with the initial LB6.3 release. As far as we can tell, this all happened because of the release schedule was moved around. It appears LB6.3 was supposed to be released before the anniversary and the associated assets release were not updated to the correct data version.

After some discussion, we decided to suppress this information as LB6.3 was only a couple days away. We removed public access to our data, removed access to our assets to our associates, notified several community moderators of what was coming, and kept everything need to know. We even attempted to contact JP support but got an automated response.

While we feel that the impact of the leak was reduced, we aren't the only people with the ability to mine for data. Some users even started looking for unlisted files on our assets server before we removed those assets. Within a day, there were groups posting stuff they were finding. The game update which removed access to these assets was too late.

At the very least, it appears the leaks from other sources didn't contain more sensitive parts of the assets, namely the full dialog and story. Enjoy LostBelt 6.3 everyone. We are going to get some rest.